A Prophet’s Life

Some say it’s a gift,
     but I’m not so sure.
To see what could be
     if our choices were pure.
Just take a look back
     to the prophets of old.
And see what it got them
     when they were quite bold.

They’d speak up for God
     and proclaim forth His Word.
Yet the people would live,
     like they had never heard.
Things haven’t changed much
     as I look around.
Insist on life God’s way
     and few friends will be found.

It seems we’ve grown smarter
     than ever before.
We have better methods,
     our wisdom is more.
God couldn’t mean
     what it looks like He said.
Our own understanding
     beats the words that are red.

Yet faithful I must be,
     no matter the cost.
Anything less and
     my soul will be lost.
What God says still matters
     and I must be true.
To not only live it,
     but speak it to you!
© 2014 by Tom Lemler

The poems had disappeared from my mind for a while but for some reason several of them showed up in my mind all mixed up last night. This is one I sorted out and I think all the lines belong to this poem. 🙂

In prayer,

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