Never Too SMALL

Windows of Heaven 

“parable” — “An earthly story with a heavenly meaning.”

Never Too SMALL (Matthew 13:31-35)

Our main text this week is a series of two parables that Jesus tells to the crowds about things which are small yet yield great results.  The first is about the mustard seed which was known as the smallest of all seeds.  When this seed is placed in the ground and allowed to do what it was created to do, a huge bush grows up that even the birds of the air can nest in.  The second is a story of a woman who took a small amount of yeast and mixed it into a large amount of dough.  As the woman did her work and the yeast did what it was created to do, the entire batch of dough was leavened by the yeast.

Jesus wants us to know that small things can yield big results when we place them in God’s hands.  What do you have that you think is too small?  If you place it in God’s hands, it is never too small.

Something to think about . . .
. . . Daily readings and questions to help you prepare for the August 24 AM message at Deer Run.

Monday (August 18) Read Matthew 13:31-32.

What did Jesus compare the mustard seed to?  Where does it rank among seed size?  What happens when it is planted?  Would you expect that simply by looking at the seed?  How is the kingdom of heaven like that?  What seeds have been planted to cause the kingdom to grow?  What seeds are you currently planting to cause the kingdom to grow?  How big are they?  Does it matter?  What does God want to do with that which seems small to you?

Tuesday (August 19) Read Exodus 4:10-17.

What was God wanting Moses to do?  How did Moses describe his speaking ability?  What did God say about the speaking ability of Moses?  How did Moses respond to God’s instruction?  What was God’s response?  Who did He send to help?  How often  do you pass up opportunities to share the gospel message  because you feel too slow in your speech?  What would God say to you about that?  What does God want to do with that which seems Slow to you?

Wednesday (August 20)  Read 1 Kings 17:12-14.

What does the woman in the text tell Elijah that she has?  What did she plan to do with it?  How much extra did she think she had?  What is Elijah’s instruction to her?  What happens?  When God presents a need to you, what do you consider is your inventory to meet it?  Do you ever say, “I only have enough for myself and my family”?  Is that ever true?  What does God want you to do with that which seems Meager to you?

Thursday (August 21)  Read Judges 6:11-13.

Who pays a visit to Gideon in the text?  What is Gideon doing?  Where is he at?  Why?  How does this visitor address Gideon?  What did Gideon think of the greeting?  Are there times that you are fearful to do what God says?  Do you have a hiding place where you hope no one can find you?  How can you find courage when it feels like the enemy is winning?  Who is greater, the One that is in you or the one that is in the world?  What does God want you to do when you feel too Afraid?

Friday (August 22)  Read Luke 19:1-6.

Who wanted to see Jesus?  What physical characteristic made that difficult?  How did he try to compensate for his size?  Who was looking for him?  What did Zacchaeus receive?  Do you ever feel too little in some way to make a difference?  How do you try to compensate?  Do you think Jesus knows where you are?  What does God want you to do when you feel Little?

Saturday (August 23)  Read Acts 22:6-10.

What is Saul doing when he sees a bright light and hears a voice as he travels?  What did the voice ask?  Did Saul recognize who was speaking?  Who did the voice identify himself as?  What is Saul told to do?  What message will Saul be given when he goes into Damascus?  How lost is too lost?  Have you ever felt you were too far removed from God to do any good?  How do you respond to God’s Word telling you all that you should do?  What does God want you to do when you feel that your are too Lost?

Sunday (August 24) Read Matthew 13:33.

What does Jesus compare yeast to in this parable?  What is done with the yeast?  Do you think she had much yeast?  Where does it end up?  What would have happened had the woman not mixed the yeast in with the flour?  What has God given you to cause the kingdom to grow?  What are you doing with it?  What does God want you to do with that which seems small to you?


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