The Healer

As I sit at my desk
     and pray for a friend.
My mind starts to long for
     the day sickness will end.
With all of our wisdom
     and inventions of man.
We still are unable
     to make life what we plan.
Our world is full of
     sickness and strife.
You try to avoid it
     but it gets in your life. 

No one’s immune,
     at least it would seem.
If you think that you are,
     you live in a dream.
Yes, sickness and hurt
     come in myriad forms.
From babies to seniors,
     even in college dorms.
While there are many
     results that strike fear.
One of the worst is
     when “cancer” you hear. 

There’s still much unknown
     of what goes on inside.
When rogue cells take over
     and start to divide.
Some multiply quickly,
    destroying as they go.
Others seem more casual,
    they move steady and slow.
It doesn’t matter,
     they both work the same.
To conquer the body,
     seems to be their whole aim. 

Before it sounds hopeless,
     there is some good news.
When you recognize it,
     and to fight it you choose.
The battle’s not easy
     but it’s worth the fight.
To walk each day fully
     in the power of God’s might.
He surrounds you with people,
     the arms of His love.
And calls for your mind
     to be fixed on above. 

God is much bigger
     than the cancer within.
He also is greater
     than all of our sin.
To cure the body
     so that it is made whole.
Does absolutely no good
     if we ignore the soul!
For life here on this earth
     is fleeting at best.
For those who are in Christ,
     will eventually find rest! 

So as I pray daily
     for a friend who’s in need.
I pray for a cure
     and for wellness I plead.
I pray it for her,
     who has cancer within.
I pray it for others
     who are trapped by their sin.
For a healthy body,
     is what I do pray.
For all those with cancer
     and for the church of today! 

©  2014 by Tom Lemler

As I was spending time this morning praying for a friend who has cancer, God put this poem in my mind.  As I was praying for healing, God reminded me that I ought to hate the destructive nature of sin even more than I hate cancer.  God’s arm is not too short to bring healing and restoration to our physical body, even from the effects of cancer, but any physical healing is still only temporary.  The spiritual healing that God desires for all of us to receive from His hand can restore us completely and eternally!  I pray that this poem brings comfort, encouragement, and challenge to your life when you struggle with sickness and hurt.  I also pray that it is a help to you as God’s power sets you free from the bondage of sin.

In prayer,

2 thoughts on “The Healer

    • I choose to read the Bible as my source of authority in life. Through it, God tells me there is a day coming when there will be no more sickness or pain — a day when Jesus returns to gather to Himself those who have put their faith in Him. Until then, there will be sickness and pain in this world — but take heart, Jesus has overcome the world.

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