By The Book

Some time ago
     I was given a task.
Raise thirty-six thousand.
     was all they did ask.
With only a few months
     to come up to speed.
I fell on my knees
     and with God I did plead. 

Send me a few friends
     who will hear what I say.
Not “send me money”,
     but “kneel down and pray”.
To accomplish a task
     that was very large.
Could only be done
     if God was in charge. 

My ways were unusual
     and people thought odd.
Instead of on people,
     I focused on God!
For when it came to wealth,
     there’s one thing I knew.
It all comes from God,
    not from me nor from you. 

There were a few
     who did understand.
We prayed and we prayed,
     while we worked and we planned.
We asked God to meet us
     at the point of our need.
And sought Him to cleanse us
     from all of our greed. 

We didn’t go after
     the people we “should”.
The list of the wealthy,
     whose giving was good.
We proclaimed the same news
     to all far and near.
Ask God what you should give
     and do what you hear. 

The people responded
     and gave what they could.
They listened to God
     as we prayed that they would.
They gave what they had,
     some gave even more.
With donated service,
     we only needed thirty-four! 

When all was collected
     that God did provide.
I sat back in wonder,
     it was quite a ride!
Thirty-four thousand
     in commitments and cash!
Plus two thousand saved
     on the cost of the bash! 

The fact that God worked
     is hard to deny.
But I lost that position,
     I say with a sigh.
I did it all wrong
     according to man.
I should have followed
     a more proven plan. 

There’s something quite wrong
     when man’s way is better.
Than following God’s Word,
     right down to the letter.
But “Father knows best”
     is always true.
When God is the Father
     that we always look to. 

I did learn a lesson,
     I hope never to forget.
That I’m always safe
     in God’s safety net.
The memories are painful,
     the hurt I still feel.
But God’s giving me poems
     that are helping me heal. 

As you do read this,
     I pray you do know.
That doing things God’s way
     is the right way to go.
It won’t always work out
     as you think it should.
But God gives His promise,
     it will be for your good.

 © 2014 by Tom Lemler

It is hard to watch struggles take place in areas that God has already proven His willingness and desire to meet needs if we would forsake man’s wisdom and fully seek Him.  I woke up with this poem in my head and realized even more fully than before that God is using these poems to bring healing into my life as He continues to mold me further into His image.  I pray that these words help you to seek God and to fully devote  yourself to prayer and the Word as you trust Him to accomplish only what He can.

In prayer,

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