Train Up A Child

There’s nothing quite like
     the birth of a child.
To turn a rough face
     into something more mild.
While not true for all,
     most would agree.
There is something special
     when a baby they see.
That sweet little face
     we simply adore.
The joy that they bring,
     we must not ignore.

The uncomfortable months,
     more than one sleepless night.
All melts away
     when it’s love at first sight.
In a single moment,
     most of us know.
For this precious child,
     anywhere we would go.
You sacrifice much
     but it doesn’t seem bad.
For you get the title
     of this child’s mom or dad.

But what do we do
     when the cuteness wears thin?
When this cute little baby
     is well beyond ten?
When the teen years approach,
     will the joy still remain?
Will we all get along,
     will they drive us insane?
There is no guarantee,
     but there is some good news.
God will be with you,
     when His way you choose.

So where you begin,
     is important to know.
As you consider
     where you want this to go.
The step of a lifetime
     that is hardest to make.
So many times is
     the first one you take.
As you step forward,
     examine the path.
Are you headed toward God,
     or destined for wrath?

The longer you put off
     the things you should do.
The harder it is
     to be more than just you.
You are the example
     that your child will see.
Is your life being lived like,
     you want her to be?
Your life won’t be perfect,
     but that is okay.
Your child can see grace
     in a very real way.

So as you look forward,
     commit here today.
With the help of God’s Spirit,
     you’ll walk in God’s way.
You’ll teach from the Bible
     by the things that you do.
You will lead to Jesus,
     the one trusted to you.
You’ll celebrate joys
     and learn from defeats.
So in the next generation,
     this story repeats!

As I was spending time this morning praying for our weekend worship gatherings at the Deer Run Church of Christ, God put this poem in my mind. Part of our Sunday morning service will be a time of parents dedicating their child to God and dedicating themselves to raising up their child according to God’s ways. In considering and praying about that , this poem showed up for me to share. I pray that in encourages you and brings hope to all parents.

In prayer,