When I consider
      how little I know.
It’s pretty amazing
      how far I can go.
If you are thinking,
      I sell myself short.
You’ve probably not heard
      what some would report.
If it can be said
      in a negative way.
I’m quite sure I’ve heard it
      directed my way.

It’s a lesson we’ve learned
      since junior high school.
If I put you down,
      perhaps I’ll look cool.
Somehow we think,
      if we want to be tall.
Then we have one choice,
      make others look small.
Sometimes we forget,
      or simply don’t know.
We can be taller,
      if we were to grow.

To have much more wisdom
      than those who would teach.
God says if I seek Him,
      it is within reach.
To meditate daily
      on God’s written word.
Gives me more wisdom
      than those that are heard.
To grow up in faith
      and walk in the light.
God directs my path
      so I’m living right.

Some put their trust
      in what’s taught by man.
They can’t wait on God,
      they have their own plan.
Their plan is better
      because they know it all.
Except they forget,
      pride comes before a fall.
They never consider
      who God might use.
Could be somebody else,
      not a person they’d choose.

So, back to the story
      of little old me.
The less I am certain,
      the more I can see.
To only know one thing,
      but to know it quite well.
God wants to work through me,
      in me He does dwell.
I trust in God’s word,
      instead of some man.
When they say I can’t,
      He says, “You can.”

So I fix my eyes
      toward heaven above.
Walk onward in faith,
      filled with God’s love.
Nothing’s too little
      or ever too small.
If God says to do it,
      I give it my all.
And when I am faithful,
      each step that I take.
He lifts me up further,
      all for His great name’s sake.

As I worked on a sermon, “A New JOB”, based on the calling of the disciples by Jesus, and reflected on the fact that my book would soon be in print, this poem came into my mind.  There have been times that I’ve let the words of people keep me from believing that God can use me for His purposes.  Out of a time of despair, God brought me back to Deer Run where He has surrounded me with people who remind me of the value of being faithful.  I pray that this poem is an encouragement to you and brings glory to God.

In prayer,