Hearing God

How do you hear God,
      and how do you know?
What He wants of you,
      and where you should go?
Or have you decided
      it’s impossible.
Your life is all planned
      and it’s already full.
Knowing what God wants
      is just for the few.
I’ll never get there,
      I don’t know about you.

Sometimes I think that
      our search about God.
Seeks an adventure
      or something quite odd.
God’s will must be hidden,
      at least from my sight.
I’ve had no great request
      by day or by night.
I read in the Bible
      and watch on the news.
It seems it’s the great ones
      that God would still choose.

No one is greater
      than he that serves all.
To humble our self
      is the Master’s first call.
Look back in the Bible,
      and here’s what I see.
A lot of great people
      who started like me!
From humble beginnings
      with nothing unique.
But a heart that was open
      to a God they did seek.

To him who is faithful
      with the little things.
God will work with your mouth,
      you may speak before kings!
God’s will shouldn’t scare you,
      or be thought of as hard.
It’s much more deliberate
      than the draw of a card.
He wants us to love Him,
      to serve all mankind.
To walk in His ways,
      with our heart, soul, and mind.

So when you’re discouraged,
      thinking you’ve been left out.
Seek God’s face humbly,
      He’ll remove all the doubt.
Be joyful in hard times
      and pray without end.
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus,
      He calls you His friend.
Rest in His goodness,
      be filled with His love.
Be faithful in all things,
     ‘til He calls you above.

The big things get noticed
      because they are large.
Don’t worry about them,
      unless you are in charge.
Go to your neighbor
      and those who have need.
Get rid of your pride,
      remove all your greed.
As you empty yourself,
      God has room to fill.
When He lives within you,
      you’ll walk in His will.

I was resting in my office in the midst of a busy day.  When I awoke from a short nap, this poem was in my mind.  I suppose part of it God had put there through time I spent preparing prayer guides for the next two weeks that will focus on God’s Will.  I pray that God would fill us with a greater understanding of being faithful in the little things that we know He wants us to do.

In prayer,

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