The days of revival
     have long been around.
But even with all that,
     can the faithful be found?
A message of judgment
     we’d rather not hear.
Tell us the good news
     and leave out the fear.
But good news is lacking
     if we don’t tell the bad.
Our rescue from dying,
     is what makes us glad.

 For if there’s no judgment,
     when Christ I reject.
Then there is no reason,
     my life to inspect.
The good news of Jesus,
     calls me to believe.
The wages of my sin,
     I don’t have to receive.
And while it’s a free gift,
     it is up to me.
For I must accept it
     if I want to be free. 

John was sent early
     to prepare the way.
To call for repentance,
     and do it today.
While some liked the idea
     of escaping God’s wrath.
They were quite startled,
     they were on the wrong path.
Some came to see him,
     thinking that they were good.
They had to look closer
     and then do what they should. 

The one who had plenty
     was to share what he had.
Those collecting taxes
     should not treat people bad.
The ones with position
     should not falsely accuse.
Be content with their pay,
     not spreading bad news.
With someone like John
     teaching that which was right.
The people suspected
     that the Christ was in sight. 

John quickly answered,
     “The Messiah, I’m not.”
But the One that is coming
     has more power than I’ve got.
He is much greater
     than one such as I.
The thongs of His sandals,
     I’m not fit to untie.
He will immerse you
     in His Spirit and fire.
For that which is impure,
     the consequence is dire. 

So what will we do
     with the message we hear?
Will we praise God with joy
     or tremble in fear?
The choice seems so simple,
     at least it should be.
When my heart is repentant,
     He will forgive me.
And when I’m forgiven,
     by faith I should live.
The good news of Jesus,
     to all I must give.

I’ve been spending time with God this afternoon in the beginning of Luke 3 as I prepare for tonight’s sermon.  As I was listening to God for refinement of the sermon, He put this poem in my mind.  I pray that it encourages and challenges you and that it brings glory to His name.
In prayer,

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