1 Kings: Lesson 18 — I Am Not Alone

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Starting Strong Isn’t The Same As Finishing Strong

A Study of the Book of 1 Kings

Lesson 18 (I Am Not Alone)
1 Kings 18
   October 30, 2013

The Text:

  1. Chapter 18 opens, “After a long time, in the third year” . . . The third year of what?  What did God want Elijah to do?  How did Elijah respond?
  2. Who was Obadiah?  Who did he work for?  What did he secretly do?  What did Ahab ask him to do?  Why?  Who does he meet while he is following Ahab’s orders?
  3. What does Elijah want Obadiah to do?  Does Obadiah want to?  Why/why not?  How does Elijah respond to Obadiah’s concerns?  How does Obadiah respond?
  4. How does Ahab greet Elijah when they meet?  How does Elijah respond?  What request does he have for Ahab?  What does he ask the people?  What is their response?  What does Elijah propose be done to prove who is really God?  How do the people respond?
  5. What did Elijah have the prophets of Baal do?  How long did they try to get their god to answer them?  What did they do during this time?  What did Elijah do during this time?  When Elijah’s turn came, what did he have done?  What would be strange about this?  What happened?  How did the people respond?  What did Elijah have them do?  What message did Elijah give Ahab?  What finally happened?

The Application:

  1. How long is a “long time” for you?  What things make a period of time seem long or short?  Do you like to deliver good news?  What if it is to someone who doesn’t care for you?  Do these answers impact who you share the gospel with?
  2. How can you use a secular position to serve God’s people?  As you go about your daily tasks, do you expect to meet people who God wants you to interact with?
  3. Are you more concerned about your safety, or that of others?  Are you a person that people trust that you will do what you say?
  4. How do you feel when you are blamed for something that is the fault of the person blaming you?  How confident are you of your relationship with God?  Do you need/want proof of who God really is?  Does He provide it?
  5. Are there things that people do today to try to get God’s attention?  As you serve God, do you do things that others might consider wasteful?  Do you typically want God to act in ways to make you look good or for God to look good?


Next Week:  Feeling Alone
1 Kings 19


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