1 Kings: Lesson 17 — A God That Cares

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Starting Strong Isn’t The Same As Finishing Strong

A Study of the Book of 1 Kings

Lesson 17 (A God That Cares)
1 Kings 17
   October 23, 2013

The Text:

  1. What message did Elijah bring to Ahab?  What message did God have for Elijah?  What did Elijah do?  How did he survive?   
  2. What did Elijah do when the brook dried up from lack of rain?  Why?  When he arrived in town, what did he ask the widow?  What was her reply?  
  3. How did Elijah respond to the widow’s concern?  What did he want her to do before she did as she had planned?  What was God’s promise to her?  What did she do?
  4. What happened “some time later”?  How did the widow speak to Elijah because of this?  What did Elijah do?  How does he address God?   
  5. Did the Lord hear Elijah?  What happened?  What did Elijah do with the boy?  How did the widow respond?

The Application:

  1. Do you like to deliver bad news?  Why/why not?  When the consequences of the sin of others spills over into your life, do you believe God’s promise to take care of you?  How do you expect God’s care for you to look?  Does He not care if it doesn’t look like that?
  2. How does God use people to meet the needs of His children today?  Does God ever present you with the opportunity to help someone at a time when you don’t believe you have the means to do so?  Why would He do that?   
  3. Which requires more faith, or trust in God, to give help to someone out of your abundance or out of your own scarcity?  Would you be more likely to give if you knew what little you had would never run out?   
  4. Does doing the right thing always keep bad things from happening to you?  Who/what do you blame when bad things happen?  When you can’t explain bad things are  you more concerned about your reputation or God’s?   
  5. Does God hear the cries of His people today?  How does He respond?  Why are there times when it seems like He doesn’t hear or respond?  What would it take for people to believe that “you are a man/woman of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth”?


Next Week:  I Am Not Alone
1 Kings 18


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