Where’s The FIRE? (Part 1: Fuel)

Have you ever been so focused on doing something, or getting somewhere, so quickly that someone asks, “Where’s the fire?”  Perhaps you’ve done something so well that you hear the comment, “Wow!  You’re really on fire!”  Or maybe you’ve heard it said about you, or someone else, “They’re really on fire for God!” 

As I thought about each of these, and other similar phrases, I began to wonder what is at the heart of being on fire metaphorically.  What elements are needed to reach the point of “being on fire”, particularly in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ?  Perhaps looking at some elements of a campfire can help us start, or rekindle, a relationship with God that is truly on FIRE!

When I think about building a campfire, one of the first questions that must be answered is, “Where’s the Fuel?”.  There is no fire without some type of fuel source.  A typical campfire uses wood as its fuel source.  When the fuel is gone, the fire no longer exists.  The same is true if we want to be on fire for Jesus.  We must ask the basic question, “Where, or what, is the fuel?”  What is the next question?  My next question would be, “where, or what, was the fuel that Jesus used for his ministry on earth and in his relationship with his father? 

When Satan tempted Jesus to turn the stones into bread, Jesus responded, “man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  When the disciples try to get Jesus to eat food that they’ve brought Jesus replies, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”  Another time when Jesus casts out a demon that the disciples couldn’t they want to know his secret and he replies, “This type only comes out by prayer and fasting.”

Was Jesus “on fire” for God?  I would say, “Absolutely yes!”  So, what was his fuel?  What kept his fire for God burning?  I would say that even a casual reading and study of the life of Jesus would reveal his fuel was the word and will of God revealed to him through times of prayer and fasting!   He was fluent in knowing and understanding scripture in ways that amazed those who listened to him.  He was constant in his pursuit of not only knowing, but in doing the will of God.  He was consistent in seeking and finding time alone with God.

So, the answer to where’s the fire in your life begins with the question, “Where’s the Fuel?”.  To be on fire for God requires the correct fuel.  The early disciples gained the reputation of “turning the world upside down” because their fire was fueled by the same fuel that empowered Jesus.  They devoted themselves to the fuel of “the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  We live in a time that is in desperate need of a sweeping revival fire to turn the world upside down.  Could it be that the necessary revival has stalled out because the fire in you and I has gone out because of a lack of fuel?  May you and I examine our fuel supply, and source, as we seek to live for God

I pray that we would stock up on the fuel of God’s word and will through intentional times of prayer and fasting so that our fire for Jesus would burn brightly for all to see!

3 thoughts on “Where’s The FIRE? (Part 1: Fuel)

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