1 Samuel: Lesson 32 — Not Everyone Approves

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Samuel.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.


Here Comes A King:
A Study of the Book of 1 Samuel

Lesson 32 (Not Everyone Approves)
1 Samuel 29:1-11

The Text:

  1. What are the Philistines and Israelites doing?  Where are they?  How are the Philistines described?  Where are David and his men?  What question is raised about them?
  2. How does Achish describe David?  Do the Philistine commanders agree with the assessment that Achish gives?  What is their concern?
  3. What is the reputation David has among the Philistines?  What message does Achish have to deliver to David?
  4. In what tone does Achish deliver his news to David?  What is his request in regard to David and the other Philistine rulers?   
  5. What questions does David ask of Achish?  How does Achish respond?  What do each of them do?


The Application:

  1. Does it ever seem like you are constantly facing a battle of some kind?  How close is your enemy to you?  How does the size of your enemy compare to you?  When in the presence of the enemy, does anyone ever notice that you don’t fit in?     
  2. How do you treat those who seem to be your enemy?  Would they speak well of you?  Should they speak well of you?  What might the concerns of the Philistine commanders teach us about watching out for “wolves in sheep’s clothing” among the church?   
  3. Are those who are set against God concerned about the influence you may have on them?  Have you ever had to be a bearer of news that others decided but you don’t agree with?   
  4. Are there ways to do that graciously?  Are you a peacemaker?  What are some perceived positives and negatives of being a peacemaker?  Is it worth it?  
  5. Are there ways a person can “plead their case” without arguing or complaining?  What benefit do questions have over statements and complaints?  When you realize that something is beyond your control are you able to just drop it and move on?


Next week: 1 Samuel 30:1-31
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