1 Samuel: Lesson 18 — Looking Beyond The Visible

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Samuel.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.


Here Comes A King:
A Study of the Book of 1 Samuel

Lesson 18 (Looking Beyond The Visible)
1 Samuel 16:1-13

The Text:

  1. How does Samuel react to Saul being rejected as king?  Is this the reaction you would have expected?  What does God tell Saul to do?
  2. Why is Samuel hesitant to do what God asks?  What instructions did God give Samuel to alleviate his fear? 
  3. What reaction do the elders of Bethlehem have when Samuel arrives?  What was their concern?  What might this say about Samuel . . . Or about them?
  4. Who does Samuel invite to join him as he sacrifices to the LORD?  Who is Eliab?  What does Samuel think when he sees Eliab?  What does God say to Samuel about Eliab?  Who does Jesse present to Samuel for consideration?   
  5. What is Samuel’s question when none of the 7 sons Jesse presented to Samuel was the one God had chosen?  Who was missing?  Why wasn’t he there?  What happened when he was brought before Samuel?


The Application:

  1. How do you react when God says it is time for a change?  Why do we tend to hold on to, or mourn, the old?  How important is it to know God is the one behind a change?
  2. When you think of something that you know God wants you to do, who/what comes to mind as being behind the fear that keeps you from doing it?  How might God use your worship of Him to overcome your fears?     
  3. Are there times that people are concerned about what your presence might mean?  When would that be?  What does that say about you . . . About them?      
  4. What should worship of God do to a relationship?  Have you ever seen someone who you thought was perfect for a task God was calling to be done only to find out they weren’t God’s choice?  Why do we have a tendency to pay so much attention to the outward appearance of a person?  
  5. How important is it to you that you are God’s person regardless of what others think?  What was/is God looking for?


Next week: 1 Samuel 16:14-23
A Helpful Tune

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