Wow! I Love God! (and I still enjoy flying!)

For those who have read my previous post and travel a lot by air, you probably knew this article would be coming!

My four hour layover in Denver turned into a six hour layover and two hour late arrival in Tucson.  Shortly before noon, the monitors were listing a one hour delay due to the airplane we were to use being delayed in arriving to Denver.  The plane did arrive and the crew boarded and did their pre-flight checks to get ready for our flight.  Then we were told the flight was simply being listed as delayed, with no estimated departure time due to a problem with one of the doors.  I  guess there is something about flying for 2 hours without a door that might become worrisome.

Pretty soon, the crew come up the jet-way and simply said they were told to leave the aircraft — not a good sign if you plan on flying soon.  But it wasn’t long before they made an announcement that our aircraft needed work but they had another plane at a different gate that we would be using with a 3:00 scheduled departure rather than the 1:20 original flight plan.  Fortunately, the new gate wasn’t far and the crowd of fellow fliers make their way over and reshuffle the line.  Then the announcement is made that this aircraft is configured differently and it doesn’t have as many seats.  Seating on this plane would be rows 4 – 19.  Anyone ticketed in something other than that would not be going!  I had seat 4A, so I was good to go.  Then it was as if they forgot to tell the crew about the new plans.  They finally arrived and we made it on the plane and ready to go for a 3:20 departure.

Such is the life of flying!  Good one minute, completely gone wrong the next.  But as I said to a gentleman in line with me, “Still beats walking!”  I made it from South Bend to Tucson in 15 hours from the time I left home to driving away from the Tucson airport.  Yes, it could have been a quicker trip.  Yes, it is generally more enjoyable when everything goes right.

But, it wasn’t my day.  I’m not saying it wasn’t my day because things went wrong.  That would be the common line of thinking — you’ve heard it, right?  When everything goes just right, it must be my day.  When everything goes wrong, it just wasn’t my day.  That is not what I’m saying.  It wasn’t my day because it was God’s day that I am living.  I love the line from the “Facing The Giants” movie, “We praise Him if we win and we praise Him if we lose.”  That is what I’m talking about.  I love God and His day was given to me in a way not according to my plans.  That’s okay!

I love God and I still enjoy flying because I attempt to fly in obedience to God’s calling in my life.  I don’t simply plan trips because they sound like fun or will be of great benefit or rest to me.  I go places based on my listening to God and his promptings in my life through His Spirit, His Word, and the people around me.  I’m sure I don’t hear as well as I ought, but I travel in faith that God has ordained each step I take.  He already knows the steps I take in obedience and the steps I take in disobedience, and every step in between. 

I love God because my life with Him is an eventful journey that is a lot like flying.  I listen, I plan, and I anticipate, but ultimately He’s in charge and I’m learning to joyfully be obedient to His instructions and changes, even if they appear to me as 2 hour delays in my schedule.  His decisions are always right and always for my ultimate good.