Do You Remember (The Twenty-First Night of September)

My mind does forget things,
     some say I am old.
Some things I recall
     when finally I’m told.
But there are some days
     that I do remember.
Like the twenty-first day
     of the month of September.

Nineteen seventy-nine
     was quite a year.
A girl did like me
     in spite of my fear.
Someone showed interest,
     that really was great.
September twenty-first
     was our first real date!

In order to drive,
     back in that day.
You had to be sixteen,
     a month, and a day.
So after my birthday
     in August that year.
I waited the month,
     then let out a cheer!

The very next day,
     I did what made sense.
I went to the Bureau
     and got my license!
That very evening,
     I picked up my date.
We went out for pizza,
     it probably got late.

Fast-forward two years
     to nineteen eighty-one.
I had dated no others,
     this was the one!
I was quite smitten,
     there was no need to wait.
So we planned our own wedding
     and chose a good date!

Exactly two years
     after that first date.
Our wedding took place,
     we each had a help-mate!
While many did wonder
     if it really would last.
I look back amazed
     at the years that have passed.

They’ve not all been easy,
     some have been quite hard.
But we’ve been protected
     by an Almighty Guard!
The thirty-three years
     that we have been wed.
Are just the beginning
     unless I end up dead!  🙂

My mind continues to be filled again with rhyming lines that seem to be all jumbled up for some reason. Anyhow, as I was working through a sermon and reflecting on our anniversary day, these lines seemed to come out of the pile.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler