1 Samuel: Lesson 35 — Who Do You Serve? 1 Samuel in Review

The following are the final review discussion questions from a weekly study I led through the book of 1 Samuel at the Deer Run Church of Christ.


Here Comes A King:
A Study of the Book of 1 Samuel

Lesson 35 (Who Do You Serve?)
1 Samuel in Review


  1. What stands out to you from our study of 1 Samuel?  Why?  What are some key things you have learned?  Has the study changed any of your thoughts or actions?
  2. Who was Samuel?   How/where did he grow up?  What is the character of the people around him as he grows up?  What happens to them?  Why?  Do/should the people around you determine how you “turn out” in life?
  3. As Samuel grows older, what do the people of Israel request?  What is their purpose and reasoning?  What do they expect?  How does Samuel feel about their request?  What answer does God have for Samuel’s concerns? In what ways today do people reject  God as “king” in their life? 
  4. How is Saul selected to be the king of Israel?  What credentials does he have?  How does he seem to take the idea of becoming king?  What are some highlights/lowlights of his life?  What are some changes that take place in him as he reigns as king?  What is behind those changes?  Do you know specific things that God has called you to do?  What qualifies you to do what God calls you to do?  Does God’s calling guarantee that you will do it correctly or faithfully?  What are some influences to changes in your life . . . For the good?  . . . For the bad?
  5. How does David gain national attention?  What makes him think he can do a task no one else is willing to attempt?  Where is he when it comes time to select the replacement to Saul as king?  What does he do after being anointed by Samuel to be the next king?  How confident are you of God being able to do the impossible through you?  What would it take to believe/do that?  What does it take to faithfully live day-to-day when you know God has something different in store for you?   
  6. How does Saul treat David?  How does that treatment change over the course of time?  What happens as Saul begins to suspect, then becomes confident, that David is to be his replacement as king?  How do you treat others?  Does that change if you perceive them to be a threat to your current position?  What protections do you need to have in place to help keep from treating people in ways that are wrong?
  7. How does David treat Saul?  Does that change over time?  How can you maintain a “righteous” treatment of people who don’t treat you well?  How important is honoring and respecting others to you?  How do you act toward those who are set against you?  How do you respond when your “enemies” fall?
  8. Who is really “king” in your life?  How can you maintain a practice of Jesus as Lord?