Changes (A Psalm of Praise)

I sit at my desk
     and think of back when.
I would sit down to write
     and have paper and pen.
So many changes
     in such a short time.
Perhaps that’s the reason
     for this little rhyme.

Changes surround us,
     some good and some bad.
Some make us happy
     and some make us sad.
Sometimes change is helpful,
     sometimes it does hurt.
Sometimes things need changed,
     like my old, worn out shirt.

As I look out my window
     there’s change in the air.
The beauty of autumn
     makes me want to stare.
The colors are pretty,
     the gold and the red.
But a day is soon coming
     when the trees will look dead.

But looks are deceiving
     when change is inside.
The beauty that grows
     at times seems to hide.
We may go through seasons
     when growth can’t be seen.
When the cold days of winter
     are our only scene.

Yet autumn brings winter
     and winter brings spring.
So the life that is hidden,
     new beauty will bring.
What’s true in creation
     is true for you too.
The days that seem darkest
     could be making you new.

So when seasons of change
     begin to arrive.
Look to the Father
     to learn how to thrive.
Don’t let the dark days
     fill you with despair.
Know that God’s beauty
     will always be there.

His beauty is in you
     throughout every season.
His love for His children
     would be the real reason.
So live your life fully,
     let His beauty show.
Then whatever the season,
     His love you will know.

Praise God in the springtime
     when you feel brand new.
Praise Him in summer
     when you’re growing as you.
Praise Him in autumn
     when life’s a beautiful scene.
And praise Him in winter
     when His work seems unseen.

Praise Him through changes,
     the big and the small.
Praise Him for growth
     that He brings in us all.
Praise Him for goodness
     He showers from above.
And praise Him for showing
     the wonders of His love.

© 2016 by Tom Lemler

I was in my office when the first two sentences of this poem filled my mind as I thought about the days when I would actually write using paper and pen.  It wasn’t until I typed those lines out that I realized there was an entire poem behind them.  Change is inevitable but not all change is good.  When we make changes of our own doing without listening to God, we can expect trouble to arrive somewhere down the road.  But, we can be confident that when our changes are a reflection of God’s will and purpose in our life, He will bring great beauty from them.  I pray that you would learn to praise God through every season of life.  I pray that you would spend time with Him so that every change you make would be in obedience to His Word and His will.  I pray that you would see the great beauty that God has created within you regardless of the season you feel you are in.

In prayer,

Gray Skies

Outside of my window
     it’s cloudy and gray.
But one thing I know –
     it won’t stay that way.
I’ve lived long enough
     to know this is true.
The gray skies will leave,
     replaced by the blue.
Yet sometimes they linger,
     seeming never to leave.
Then I must decide,
     do I really believe?

Sometimes it is hard,
     as darkness descends.
To think there is hope
     that this ever ends.
Will sunny days come
     and replace this gloom?
Or is the gray normal
     as I view from this room?
That’s often the problem –
     my point of view.
I need to refocus
     and see things anew.

I know there is purpose
     in skies filled with cloud.
And storms that do come,
     with thunder so loud.
The rain and the snow
     that gray clouds do bring.
Are part of the cycle
     that cause birds to sing.
With only blue skies
     and warm sunny days.
It’s the earth itself
     that soon turns to grays.

Gray skies are one thing,
     but what about me?
Do I get the point
     when darkness I see?
Do I trust my Maker,
     who shines up above,
To use times of darkness
     to show me His love?
When my mind seems filled
     with all of the grays.
Will His refreshing
     still fill me with praise?

As I walk this journey,
     there’s something I’ve learned.
The blue skies are given,
     not something I’ve earned.
But even the darkness,
     God works for my good.
To help me to grow
     and live like I should.
I’m learning to trust Him
     when I can’t see my way.
So that is the rain
     in my cloud of gray!

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

As I was working on some sermon prep and watching some cardinals playing in the brush outside my window under some very gray skies, God put this poem in my mind. While I’m not fond of gray skies outside nor in my brain, I know God uses them for His purposes and will not waste the opportunity to bring growth in my life as I learn to trust Him fully. I pray that this poem is an encouragement to you and accomplishes His purposes for it.

In prayer,