PRAY Like a Mom!

Study guide to prepare for the Deer Run Church of Christ Mother’s Day sermon.

If you have, or have had, a godly mom, you were given one of the greatest gifts a person can receive!  What lessons have you learned from your mom?  What do you wish you had learned?  What do you hope to still learn?  What character qualities do you think are most important for a mom to have?  What “Mom” from the Bible do you learn the most from?  What is it about her life that helps you to grow in your faith?  In our study this week, we will look at several Bible moms as we consider lessons we can learn from them about prayer.

 Something to think about…

Monday (May 5)  Read 1 Samuel 1:9-20.  Who was Hannah?  What was causing so much sorrow in her life?  What did she request from God?  What did she promise to do in return?  What did Eli the priest think of her prayer time?  How does she explain what was noticed?  What is his response?  How did this change her?  What should you do when you are filled with sorrow and “bitterness of soul”?  Have your expressions of prayer ever been misunderstood?  Have you ever judged someone’s actions differently than what they were actually doing?  What does it take for your prayers to be genuine?

Tuesday (May 6)  Read 1 Kings 3:16-28.  What dilemma exists in this passage?  Who was supposed to solve the problem?  What did each party want?  How did the king propose the problem be solved?  What request (prayer) did one of the mothers make to the king?  What was his response?  Do you ever go to God asking that He sees things your way — to your benefit?  What are you willing to give up in order to save someone?  How does giving up your will change the way you pray for people?

Wednesday (May 7)  Read Matthew 20:20-25.  What does the mother of James and John request from Jesus?  Does Jesus think she understands the nature of her request (prayer)?  How does He reply?  Do you make bold requests on behalf of others?  When you pray, do you think about others being put first?  How do you respond when you discover that what you had been praying for requires more from you than expected? 

Thursday (May 8)  Read John 2:1-11.  What problem came up at this wedding where Jesus and His mother were guests?  Who did Jesus’ mother address about the problem?  How does He respond?  What does she do anyhow?  What happens?  Do you keep a mental list of things that you should go to Jesus about and things you shouldn’t?  If so, how do you decide what makes either list?  When you take your requests to God, do you trust He can do something about it?

Friday (May 9)  Read Acts 12:5,11-17.  What did the church do when Peter was imprisoned?  Who was gathered at the home of John Mark’s mother?  Why?  What were they doing?  What happened?  How earnestly do you pray for people who are being persecuted?  If people were wanting to gather and pray about a serious issue, would they come to your house?  Are you ever surprised when God answers your prayer?

Saturday (May 10)  Read 2 Timothy 1:3-7.  Who is Paul praying for . . . how often?  Who is Paul reminded of that planted the seeds of faith in the life of Timothy?  What were those seeds to produce?  Are there people whom you lift up in prayer “night and day”?  How often do you think of your faith being planted in the lives of those who follow you?  

Sunday (May 11)  Read Matthew 15:21-28.  Why did a Canaanite woman come to Jesus?  How did Jesus initially respond to her request?  What did the disciples want done?  Does she give up?  What does Jesus do for her, and then say about her?  When you pray, do you think you deserve a response from God?  How persistent are you when the answer to your prayer doesn’t arrive on the schedule you expect?