A Gift that is WISE – Matthew 2:1-12


Audio recording of a Sunday morning sermon I preached on December 27, 2015.

A Gift that is Wanted.

A Gift that is Intentional

A Gift that is Sacrificial

A Gift that is Enough

A Gift that is WISE

What kind of gift
     should you and I bring?
When we come before
     the One who is King.
We think and we ponder,
     we search high and low.
We sift through the clues
     that might help us know.

We want the best gift
     and one that is WISE.
Forget all the fruitcakes
     and those ugly ties.
To find the right answer,
     we go back in time.
And examine the Magi
     in the rest of this rhyme.

A gift that is Wanted
     is a good place to start.
And God wants true worship
     that comes from the heart.
The Magi sought Jesus
     to honor as King.
And their gift of worship
     was the first they did bring.

An Intentional gift
     has thought behind it.
It’s not just the first thing
     that you think might just fit.
The Magi did travel
     with one purpose in mind.
Their intent was to honor
     the King they would find.

A Sacrificial spirit
     doesn’t think twice.
It gives of itself
     no matter the price.
The Magi gave gifts
     of time and great worth.
Gifts fit for a King
     as they traveled the earth.

A gift that’s Enough
     would surely be wise.
To meet every need
     without a surprise.
The gifts from the Magi,
     perhaps were the key.
To provide for this family
     when they had to flee.

So, what is the gift
     that God Wants from you?
And what’s your Intent
     on seeing it through?
Will you Sacrifice self
     and all of its cries?
Knowing that is Enough
     to be a gift that is WISE!

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

As I sat at my desk last night and went through the sermon I’ll share the next morning, this poem began to form in my mind.  I pray that it encourages you and helps you to think about how you can give a gift that is WISE to others and to God.

In prayer,
Tom Lemler