Breaking Bread

It was quite a weekend,
     it’s hard to believe.
The things that did happen
     in the town I now leave.
The long walk is good,
     helps me clear my head.
It’s hard to imagine,
     my teacher is dead. 

My friend and I walk
     with hearts that are down.
We talk about all
     that took place back in town.
As we talked together
     about all that took place.
A stranger did join us
     and walked at our pace. 

We did not know him,
     but he stepped right in.
He wanted to know
     where our talk did begin.
Our sadness was heavy,
     this guy out of touch.
Could he have been present
     and not know so much. 

It was hard to imagine
     he could have been there.
He seemed to know nothing,
     did he even care?
We told him about one
     who stood far above.
He always seemed filled with
     the power of God’s love. 

The things that he taught
     were more than we’d known.
And the works that he did
     had never been shown.
We had been quite hopeful,
     this was more than a man.
That he had been sent
     as part of God’s plan. 

But all of that ended
     as he went to trial.
He stood before rulers
     without a denial.
They called him guilty
     and sentenced to death.
He was hung on a cross
    until his last breath. 

Now, three days have passed
     that he’s been in the grave.
But some of the women
     showed they were quite brave.
The went to the tomb
     for a special task.
Why do you look here,
     some angels did ask. 

Some of our number
    also went there to see.
What the women had found,
    their findings agree.
When the stranger did speak,
     he said we were slow.
Did we not know the scriptures,
     which said how this would go? 

So from the beginning,
     He explained from the Word.
He made it alive,
     like we had never heard.
When we reached the village,
     He planned to go on.
But we begged Him to stay,
     we did not want Him gone. 

We went to the table
     to share a meal.
As He broke the bread,
     we could now see for real.
The one who was with us
     and taught all the way.
Was the risen Lord,
     before us that day. 

All of a sudden,
     as we looked around.
He was gone from our midst,
     nowhere to be found.
So that very hour,
     in which we did arrive.
We returned to the city
     saying, Jesus is alive! 

It’s not just for them
     that this story is told.
There’s a message for you,
     if I may be so bold.
There will be times
     when it seems hope is lost.
Remember this story
     and who paid the cost. 

We break bread together,
     just the Lord and I.
It helps me remember
     why He had to die.
It also reminds me,
     the gift that He gave.
He rose from the dead
     with the power to save! 

So as oft as I can,
     I gather around.
A table that’s spread
     where communion is found.
I drink from the cup,
     and eat of the bread.
And remember forever,
     God’s alive, He’s not dead! 

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

As I’ve been reflecting on this resurrection day and praying about my response to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, God put this poem in my mind.  I think it is the longest one yet that He has given me!  I pray that it is an encouragement and help to you and that it brings glory to God’s name.

In prayer,