Loving the Broken-Hearted: Learn to HUG! (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the November 13, 2022 sermon, “Loving the Broken-Hearted: Learn to HUG!”, shared by Tom Lemler at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Text:  John 11:21-42

As we continue our “Loved By Jesus, Love Like Jesus” series, we will look at people who encountered Jesus and experience His love in the midst of their brokenness.

Rich young ruler — Luke 18:23
“I just can’t do it!”

Peter — Luke 22:62
“Why did I do such a terrible thing?!?”

Martha & Mary — John 11:21 & 32
“God, where were you?!?”

Brokenness seems to be a part of life and I suspect that most of us end up heartbroken more often than we would like, and perhaps more often than we would care to admit. The good news is that Jesus loved the brokenhearted whether that brokenness was a result of loss or of poor decisions or any other reason. By examining how Jesus loved the broken, we find that we can love like Jesus when we learn to . . .

  • Hear Words.  Luke 11:21-23
    • Sometimes the words of the brokenhearted are difficult to hear.  Even thought there appears to be an almost accusatory tone in the heartbreak of Martha and Mary, there are also seeds of faith in their words.  Jesus loved them enough to hear what they were saying and to respond in ways that made it clear they were heard.  When we seek to love like Jesus, we must learn to really listen so we hear what others say.
  • Understand Heart.  Matthew 14:15-16
    • Hearing the words of the brokenhearted ought to help us have a greater understanding of their heart . . . and of our own heart.  Through actively listening, Jesus understood the pain being experienced by Martha and Mary.  God calls for us to weep with those who weep.  I believe this instruction, and Jesus weeping in our text, is not just a matter of joining in the action but more importantly, joining in the sorrow.  When we seek to love like Jesus, we must learn to open our heart to an understanding of the hearts of others..
  • Give Hope.  Matthew 14:17-19
    • I suspect we’ve all had times when someone has promised something that we knew they would never be able to deliver even if they really wanted to.  Jesus comforted Martha and Mary with words that were not just mere words, but were words He could back up with action.  He provided hope not just to Martha and Mary by raising Lazarus from the dead, but hope to all who believe.  His actions made it clear that what He said was true whether we could see immediate results or not.  Jesus being the resurrection and the life ought to give hope to everyone who hears that proclamation because He demonstrated His power of life over death.  When we seek to love like Jesus, we must do so giving the only hope that is secure — the hope of Jesus.

Today, will you love the broken-hearted by learning to HUG?

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