Loving One Another: WASH Them! (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the October 16, 2022 sermon, “Loving One Another: WASH Them!”, shared by Tom Lemler at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Text:  John 13:1-17, 34

When Jesus wanted to give an example of what it looks like to really love one another, He gathered His disciples together to show them the full extent of His love.  He did so by washing their feet and calls us to follow His example in noticing when the people around us need someone to WASH them.  When we love people like Jesus does, we will . . .

  • Want Them.
    • In Luke’s introduction to this Passover meal observance, he tells us that Jesus had eagerly desired to eat this meal with the disciples — He wanted them with Him.  While times of solitude were an important part of the life of Jesus, His love for those closest to Him was a love that made it known they were wanted.  We act like Jesus when we eagerly desire to be with those of like precious faith.
  • Accept Them.  
    • As Jesus went around the table washing feet, He encountered the feet of Peter who would deny Him, of Thomas who would have doubts about the resurrection, of James and John who would argue about who was the greatest, and even the feet of Judas who would betray Him.  With all of their weaknesses, failures, and insecurities, Jesus called them to Himself and accepted their faith as enough.  We act like Jesus when we accept those who desire to know Him by faith even when their life isn’t put together any more than ours is.
  • Serve Them.
    • It is nearly impossible to talk about being loved by Jesus and loving like Jesus without talking about serving.  In the case of this Passover meal, the washing of the feet was something that would have typically been done by a household servant . . . and generally the lowest of all servants would end up with that job.  I suspect that each person entering the room was aware that the basin and towel were there but not one of them stooped to pick it up except Jesus.  We act like Jesus when we notice the needs of others that no one else will meet and we step forward to serve them.
  • Honor Them.
    • Jesus used the washing of the disciples feet to teach about honoring others regardless of how society might view you compared to them.  To give honor to someone else requires a growing humility that sees their value as being more important than our own feelings.  Jesus made it clear that it was right to call Him Lord and Teacher, but the example of their Lord and Teacher washing their feet was to be a call to the humility needed to honor others.  We act like Jesus when we choose to humble our self and  honor those around us.

Today, how will you follow the example and instruction of Jesus to WASH others?