Something To EAT (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the May 1, 2022 sermon, “Something To EAT”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text:  Mark 8:14-38

After feeding the 5000 in Mark 6 and then feeding a slightly small crowd of 4000 at the beginning of Mark 8 with just a handful of provisions, the disciples framed a statement of Jesus about being on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees as calling them out for only having one loaf of bread with them.  Before I come down too hard on the disciples for being focused on the physical and missing the spiritual, I need to look at myself to see how often I am more concerned about the physical meals I pursue than I am about the spiritual food that Jesus offers.  When we realize that Jesus has food that sustains both body and soul, we begin to understand the importance of turning to Jesus for something to . . .

  • Examine.  Mark 8:14-21
    • We find something to eat from Jesus when we begin to examine His work in scripture and His work in our life.  When we become distracted by our own thoughts and the chaos of life, it is important to remember how He has provided in the past and how He continues to provide today.  When we complain about only having one loaf, it is good to remember all that Jesus can do when we offer everything we have to Him . . . regardless of how big or small it might seem.
  • Accept.  Mark 8:22-30
    • We find something to eat from Jesus when we begin to accept not only what He has done, but also accept who He is.  Sometimes the work of Jesus in our life seems rather messy and unpleasant, kind of like Jesus spitting in the eyes of the blind man of our text, but in the  messiness we must choose to accept God knows what He is doing and it is always for our good.  It is accepting that God knows what He is doing that we begin to see Jesus for who He is so that regardless of who others say He is, we accept and acknowledge that He is indeed the Son of God.
  • Teach.  Mark 8:31-38
    • We find something to eat from Jesus when we begin to teach the things we are learning.  Even when we think we know how things ought to be, there will be times we find ourselves in need of correction so that we may teach more accurately.  We have something to teach not because we are so smart, but because we have listened to God’s calling to surrender everything to Him as we daily take up our cross and follow Jesus.  We teach best when our words and actions match and we allow God’s Spirit to work through us.  As we consider what we teach others, I believe a fair question to ask our self would be, “Who would the people around me say that I say Jesus is?”.

Today, as you consider your spiritual need, will you turn to Jesus for something to EAT?