A TOUCH of Faith (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio and outline from the November 7, 2021 sermon, “A TOUCH of Faith”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text:  Mark 5:21-43

In scripture, the size of a person’s faith never seems to make as much difference as the object of one’s faith.  Imagine what God can do in your life with just a . . .

  • Thought of Faith.  Mark 5:27-28
    • Our actions nearly always begin with our thoughts, and an active faith is no exception.  The individuals approaching Jesus in our text thought that Jesus could do something to help them.  That thought showed itself to be faith when they choose to take action of their own — one asking Jesus to come with him and the other reaching out to touch the garment of Jesus.  We live with a touch of faith when we choose to think about what Jesus can bring to our life and then reach out to encounter Him wherever we are.
  • Observation of Faith.  Mark 5:31-32
    • Because as James writes, “Faith without deeds is dead”, our thought of faith needs to lead us to a faith that is observable.  Whether it is our faith or the faith of others, being able to see it in action helps us to grow in an even greater awareness and practice of faith.  We live with a touch of faith when we take not of all that God is doing in, through, and around us.
  • Understanding of Faith.  Mark 5:33-34
    • Because the thoughts and ways of God are so much higher and purer than our thoughts and ways, gaining an understanding of the ways of God can only be accomplished through faith.  Jesus makes it clear that it was not the touching of His garment in and of itself that brought healing to the woman, instead it was her faith that did so.  We live with a touch of faith when we learn to understand the process of faith is in the person of Jesus rather than in the substance of this world.
  • Challenge of Faith.  Mark 5:35-36
    • Perhaps the most difficult part of a life of faith is the challenge that inevitably comes.  Our request isn’t answered in the way we wanted.  Our loved one remains sick or even dies.  The layoffs at work leave the family struggling to make ends meet.  The cares and trouble of this world can challenge our faith at every level of our life.  We live with a touch of faith when we look to God and trust Him to work in the midst of all these challenges in ways that are ultimately for our benefit.
  • Hope of Faith.  Mark 5:41-43
    • When we consider living with the hope of faith, I believe it is important to remember that there is no evidence that any of the people healed by Jesus are still alive on earth today.  Our hope of faith needs to be greater than simply a hope for a better or longer life on earth.  In fact, the Bible teaches that if our hope is only for this life then we are to be pitied above all others.  We live with a touch of faith when we endure all things with a growing awareness of the eternal home that is the ultimate fulfillment of our hope and faith.

Today, how will you live with a TOUCH of Faith?

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