Encouragement and Prayer: Rescue the Fatherless! (06/23/21)


While I continue working on what a return to the live or recorded audio/video broadcasts will be, I will still leave some written encouragement for each day.  This week’s focus will be on God being a Father to the fatherless and His desire that we model that characteristic as well.

“Because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him.”
Job 29:12 (NIV)

As we celebrate Father’s Day to begin the week, this week we will focus our prayer emphasis on God’s concern for the fatherless.  As we pray to be more Christ-like, we must pray that our response to the fatherless would be the same as God’s.  There are many in our community who live as fatherless regardless of the presence of a dad in their life. 

Pray that you would have ears to hear the cries of the fatherless.  As you hear their cries, pray that you would rescue them in their time of need.  Pray that God would cause His heart of compassion to grow within you each time you hear the cries of those who have no help.

Pray for discernment and wisdom to see beyond and through the divisiveness of this world so that you would love others as God loves both you and them.

In prayer,