Serving God: Listen To God’s Son

It is my prayer that every Christian recognizes the importance of serving God through the way we serve others.  There are few things, if any, that are as emotionally exhilarating, and draining, as the task of serving others.  Having worked in a variety of ministry settings, including various roles within Christian camp ministry, I understand the excitement that often comes with the beginning of a new ministry or ministry season.  I also understand the weariness than can develop when our focus begins to drift away from the ministry of serving and onto ourselves.

This is day four in the tenth week of devotions from the book, “Serving God: Devotions for Active Worship”.  This devotional book is laid out in thirteen weeks of daily devotions with each week wrapped around an aspect of how we can serve others.  Each of these devotions are designed to help a person spend time with God to see how serving others is an act of worship.

Serving God:
Listen To God’s Son

While he was speaking, a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud.  A voice came from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.’
Luke 9:34-35 (NIV)

What does it mean to listen to someone?  Does that mean the same thing to you as hearing someone?  Why?  What types of things make you believe that a person has listened to you?  What would make you think they have not listened?  How often do you listen to God and His Son, Jesus Christ?  Would the people closest to you agree with your answer?  What evidence could you give to support your answer?  How does listening to God’s Son about everything help you as you serve?

Sometimes we give instructions to someone, perhaps someone we have served or serve with, only to get a response of, “I hear you.”  How we take that response usually hinges on a variety of variables including tone of voice, body language, and physical action that accompanies the response.  When someone says, “I hear you” and they are immediately doing what was instructed, we tend to believe they actually listened.  If there is no change in what they are doing, we conclude they may have heard but they weren’t listening.  God wants our listening to be put into action by the way we serve others.

As you pray, ask God to help you be an obedient listener to the instructions that come from His Son.

In prayer,