Almost Heaven: A Home With Feasting

Each one of us is on a journey to our final, and eternal, destination.  As Christians, we live with the confident assurance that our eternal home is with God.  But, we’re not home yet and there is a life to be lived as we journey toward heaven.  It is my prayer that this series of devotions will help you discover not only a glimpse of heaven, but that it would prepare you to more fully live like you are home even as you continue the journey.

This is day seven from the devotional journal, “Almost Heaven: Devotions For the Journey Home”.  Each of these devotions are designed to help a person spend time with God in the process of discovering how He would have us to live as we prepare for an eternal home.

Almost Heaven:
A Home With Feasting

I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 8:11 (NIV)

What is your favorite food?  What does the word feasting mean to you?  What is the longest that you have intentionally gone without food?  Have you ever gone without food simply because there wasn’t any to be had?  What role does food have in most celebrations you attend?  Do you enjoy entertaining guests?  How likely are you to ensure there will be plenty to eat when you invite people over?  How would you describe the most fabulous feast you have ever been to? 

It is difficult to imagine a wedding, graduation, or other significant celebration without an abundance of food.  If you’ve ever had to go without simply because there wasn’t any food or any money to obtain a meal, knowing that you are headed to a home with great feasting should be a great encouragement.  God describes our eternal home as a celebration which includes feasting.  As you pray, ask God to fill you with anticipation of what’s to come.  Pray that you would live life in a way that allows the people around you to have a glimpse of the feast God is preparing for those who complete the journey home.

In prayer,