Walk This Way: Walk an Obedient Path

Every day you and I face a variety of choices regarding the path we take.  Many things influence our decisions for both good and bad, yet God wants us to choose daily to walk according to His ways.  Over the next 14 days I will be sharing from the devotional journal, “Walk This Way”, with the prayer that it helps you to grow in your walk with God as you pursue a greater understanding of the path He calls you to.

Here is day eighteen with an important reminder that walking God’s way will lead you on a path of obedience.

Walk an Obedient Path

“The LORD your God commands you this day to follow these decrees and laws; carefully observe them with all your heart and with all your soul.  You have declared this day that the LORD is your God and that you will walk in his ways, that you will keep his decrees, commands and laws, and that you will obey him.  And the LORD has declared this day that you are his people, his treasured possession as he promised, and that you are to keep all his commands.
Deuteronomy 26:16-18 (NIV)

How obedient do you think you are?  How do you feel others would answer that question about you?  How do you decide what rules or laws should be obeyed and which ones shouldn’t be?  How do you decide when to obey a person?  Are there times when it would be appropriate to disobey rules, laws, or people?  Why?  How much effort do you put into knowing God’s laws and commands found in His Word?  How careful are you to obey them?  When someone points out an area of disobedience to God’s Word, are you more likely to attempt to justify your actions or change?

As Christians, we have agreed to submit to the Lordship of Christ meaning that we will obey all that He has commanded.  As you pray, ask God to help you identify any areas of disobedience in your life.  Pray that you would daily commit to walking a path of obedience to God.  Pray that the people around you would see the value you place on your relationship with Christ by observing your commitment to obedience.

In prayer,