Living Free: Free To Live By God’s Perfect Law

Freedom.  It seems everyone wants to be free yet we often struggle to even admit when we are not.  When Jesus stated that holding to His teachings would lead people to know the truth that would set them free, the religious leaders bristled at even the hint that they had ever been slaves to anyone or anything.  Today wraps up a month of sharing from the daily devotions from the book, “Living Free”, that I wrote several years ago to help you discover a life of freedom found through a consistent gazing into, and practice of, the perfect law of God’s Word.

Here is day thirty-two with an important reminder that living free in Christ means that you, and those around you, can live free because of God’s perfect law.

Free To Live By God’s Perfect Law

“But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it — he will be blessed in what he does.
James 1:25 (NIV)

Do you tend to view laws as confining or freeing?  Why?  Are you one that attempts to follow laws that you are aware of, or do you tend to ignore them if you believe you can get away with it?  Why?  How does your view of a law being helpful or not influence your obedience?  Should it?  Do you tend to view God’s laws as being given to restrict you or to set you free?  How does gazing intently into God’s perfect law help you to understand His purpose for giving it?  Does understanding the purpose of a law help you with the practice of it?  Why?

Many people tend to see the concepts of freedom and law as two opposites set against each other.  Yet most of us tend to live with greater freedom when we are aware of clear boundaries that we know will keep us from harm.  God’s desire, and the intent of His law, is to prosper us and not to harm us.  When we believe that, we are fully free to live by God’s perfect law, knowing it gives a freedom nothing else can.  As you pray, ask God to help you know His law as a good thing.  Pray that you would know the freedom that is found through God’s perfect law.

In prayer,