Living Free: Free To Receive Grace

Freedom.  It seems everyone wants to be free yet we often struggle to even admit when we are not.  When Jesus stated that holding to His teachings would lead people to know the truth that would set them free, the religious leaders bristled at even the hint that they had ever been slaves to anyone or anything.  Over the next 12 days I will be sharing the daily devotions from the book, “Living Free”, that I wrote several years ago to help you discover a life of freedom found through a consistent gazing into, and practice of, the perfect law of God’s Word.

Here is day twenty-one with an important reminder that living free in Christ means that you, and those around you, have been set free to receive God’s grace.

Free To Receive Grace

“To the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.
Ephesians 1:6 (NIV)

How do you feel about receiving gifts that are unexpected and undeserved?  Are you one that feels you have to earn everything you receive?  Why?  Does a loving relationship with a person make you more willing to accept something from them that you know you don’t deserve?  Why?  Is it possible to have unhealthy expectations of what should be given to you?  How does that differ from grace?  How does your perception of received grace influence your willingness to extend grace to the people around you?

Scripture teaches that God has chosen us before the creation of the world to be His through a relationship with Jesus.  His love calls us to Himself in a way that sets us free to receive His grace.  When we abide in God’s love we are free to receive His grace, knowing that He has no hidden agenda behind His gift.  When we fully experience the grace of God, we are equipped to share His grace with others.  As you pray, ask God to remove any guilt that would keep you from fully receiving His grace.  Pray that you would live fully in Jesus each day as you experience a grace that you can share with others.

In prayer,