Here Am I: Called To Be Worthy

While we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe we have a great opportunity to represent Jesus well as we respond to God’s calling with a hearty, “Here Am I”!  After today, I will be sharing one more devotion from my “Here Am I” book to help each of us pray about our response to God as He calls us to Himself.  Through time in prayer, this devotional journal was written to help you see and respond to God’s calling as you see Him working in your “everyday” life.

Here is day thirty-one with an important reminder that you, and those around you, have been called by God to live a life worthy of His calling.

Called To Be Worthy

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.
Ephesians 4:1 (NIV)

Are you worthy?  How difficult is it for you to answer that question?  Why?  How is being worthy different from being counted worthy that was a devotion earlier in this book?  Why?  What/who determines if you are worthy?  Explain.  What makes people worthy to you — is it the way they feel or the way you feel about them?  Explain.  Since God has called you to be worthy, what does that say about how He feels about you?  How can you help others know God calls them to be worthy?  Will you?

While it is comforting to be counted worthy by God, it is perhaps more sobering to have God call me to be worthy.  When I look deep within my life and know I am not worthy, there is hope in knowing that God looks even deeper and still calls me to be worthy.  As one created in the image of God, He knows full well the potential that lies beneath the layers of crud I have accumulated in my life.  When God calls me to live a life worthy of His calling, he makes it possible by transforming my heart and mind with the presence of His Spirit.  When I live by the Spirit rather than by the flesh, I find I can be worthy of His calling.

As you pray about being called to be worthy, ask God to help you see His great love for you and the worth you have to Him.  Pray that you would seek to live a life worthy of His calling as you allow His Spirit to make that possible.  Pray for the courage to reject life choices that would not be worthy of God’s presence.  Pray that God’s love would help you to see yourself as He sees you.  Pray that your view of others would take place through the eyes of God as He deems them worthy of His love.

In prayer,