Great Sacrifice

Re-posting a poem I wrote six years ago on Memorial Day.

Tom's Treasure

Many have served,
     this much I know.
But how much honor
     do we really show?
One day a year
     we think of the brave.
Who fought in a war
     that led to their grave.
On yet another,
     we thank those alive.
Who served our great country
     so freedom could thrive. 

But as I consider
     the price that was paid.
The honor returned
     seems quickly to fade.
Do we really care
     the rest of the year?
For a child with no dad
     and a parent’s worst fear?
A son or a daughter
     who paid with their life.
Is the worst kind of news,
     it will cut like a knife. 

Do we stand there with them
     in the days filled with pain?
Or do…

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5 thoughts on “Great Sacrifice

  1. So true – there are many who think of this day as simply a day off work and a good time to have a party.For those who have experienced loss it is not a day of frivolity but one of somber remembrance…

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