Here Am I: Called to Be Faithful

While we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe we have a great opportunity to represent Jesus well as we respond to God’s calling with a hearty, “Here Am I”!  Over the next 26 days I will continue sharing the devotions from my “Here Am I” book to help each of us pray about our response to God as He calls us to Himself.  Through time in prayer, this devotional journal was written to help you see and respond to God’s calling as you see Him working in your “everyday” life.

Here is day seven with an important reminder that you, and those around you, have been called by God to be faithful through a life of patient endurance.

Called to Be Faithful

“This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.”
Revelation 14:12 (NIV)

How often do you feel like giving up?  Why?  Do you?  Are there things you ought to give up on?  What things should you never give up on?  How do you know the difference?  When you think of being faithful, is there a specific person that comes to mind?  Who?  Why?  Do you think of yourself as a faithful person?  Why?  Would the people who know you best agree?  Why?  How should being called by God to be faithful influence the way you view your ability to be faithful and the patience you approach life with?

When I think about being faithful, I think more about a steadfast pursuit of something than I think about having actually arrived.  The destination is great, but many times our impatience causes us to change course before we accomplish what God desires to do in and through us.  God’s desire is that weariness or distraction would not cause us to give up before we reap the harvest of righteousness He has in store for us.  When we respond to God’s call to be faithful with a steadfast “Here am I”, we commit to a life that doesn’t give up in our pursuit of Him.  In a world filled with broken promises, be one who is faithful.

As you pray about being faithful, ask God to help you see your decisions and actions from an eternal perspective.  Pray that you would not become weary in doing good.  Pray that the evil in the world would not distract you nor entice you into a life that is unfaithful.  Pray for the wisdom to understand the direction God has set forth in His Word, and for the courage to be steadfast in following His direction no matter what.  Pray that your life would be an example to others.

In prayer,