Holding On and Letting Go: Hold On To Memories

In light of the current “chaos” being caused by both the known and unknown facets of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), here is day seventeen of the daily devotions from the prayer-based devotional I wrote to be used within disaster relief situations.  I believe many of the same lessons we need to learn when dealing with recovery from a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake can be helpful as we get through, and recover from, the current levels of chaos we are experiencing.

Here is day seventeen with an important reminder to hold on to the memories of what God has done in the past even as you make new memories of what He is doing now.

Hold On To Memories

“And I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things.”
2 Peter 1:15 (NIV)

Hold On To Memories

What is the earliest memory that you have?  Is it a good memory?  How important are memories to you?  Why?  Are there things people tell you about that you wish you could remember?  Why?  What are some things that help you hold on to the important things you ought to remember?  How will holding on to memories help you have hope in the midst of your current chaos?

There are some losses that simply can’t be fixed or restored to the way things were before.  Whether we sit in the rubble of a destroyed home or at the graveside of a child, the realization often hits that nothing will ever be the same.  Holding on to memories in the midst of chaos can be a good thing — if you have good memories to hold on to.  If not, perhaps it is time to make some good memories that will help carry you through the chaos you are experiencing.  Throughout scripture, it is apparent that God is very aware of the forgetfulness of mankind.  He is also aware of how important it is to remember the things He has done, so He often gave instructions to His people to set up feasts, monuments, meals, and other means to serve as reminders not just of what He has done, but also reminders to share with others what He has done.  Our memories are what carries us through the hours of darkness as we await restoration — whether the temporary restoration from our current disaster or the permanent restoration in eternity.  As we hold on to the memories of God’s work not only throughout history, but His work specifically in our life, we are reminded of His faithfulness that can carry us through our chaos.

As you pray, ask God to help you recall the memories of His working in your life.  Pray that you would not just hold on to the memories, but that you would share them with others.  Pray that you would find comfort in the memories you have — even memories of things that have been lost.  Pray that you would hold on to memories in a way that brings hope for the future.

In prayer,