Giving Thanks — November 12

“The moon marks off the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.
Psalm 104:19 (NIV)

The weather did a little adjusting of my schedule to start the day, but it was a thankful day nonetheless.  As one who enjoys the unique beauty of each season, at least once I get used to it, I am thankful for the overnight snow.  While it added an element of extra work and difficulty to my day, the crisp beauty that came with it was worth it.  I am thankful for the variety that God has designed in nature. 

As I was driving tonight, at least two things caught my eye.  One, an incredible sunset that led me off the main road in search of a suitable vantage point to photograph it.  While the area I was driving in had too many trees to get the photo I was looking for, I eventually found a spot to enjoy the afterglow and photograph the sky after the sun had dropped below the horizon.  Two, after rejoining the main road I began to notice a light rising over the horizon in my rear view mirror.  Just as the sun had earlier, this light led me to a detour so I could photograph the moon in its early evening splendor.

While there are times the sun and moon are hidden from view by clouds, I am thankful that my inability to see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  The moon waxes and wanes on a schedule set by God.  Its journey across the sky accomplishes the very purpose for which it was created.  I am thankful that “the moon marks off the seasons and the sun knows when to go down” because it teaches me of a God who has called each piece of creation into being with a purpose.  I am thankful that a purposeful God chose to create you and chose to create me.  Even when an individual’s purpose is hidden from view by the clouds of this world, our inability to see that purpose in no way diminishes it.  I am thankful for a God who continually reveals not only Himself, but also His purpose for me. 

I pray that you and I would thank God for the way He has designed creation.  I pray that we would be thankful for one another as we view ourselves and each other as individuals created by God on purpose and with purpose.

In prayer,