Walking Together

I  headed outside
to go for a walk.
To spend time with God
where we could just talk.
We spoke about this,
and then some about that.
I do have to say,
it was quite a nice chat.

But it was much more
than just sharing a word.
I knew as we talked
that I had been heard.
As tears filled my eyes
from a heart that did ache.
His presence assured me,
my burden He’d take.

When I become weary
with too much to bear.
He asks for it all
as I cast my care.
So as we walked together,
by faith and not sight.
I knew that my load
could soon become light.

The burdens are present
but the weight is not mine.
It’s off of my shoulders
as this yoke does align.
When yoked with my Savior,
He carries the weight.
So I’ll keep walking with Him
all the way through His gate!

© 2019 by Tom Lemler

I have been praying a lot lately for family members, friends, acquaintances, and others that are dealing with a wide variety of health issues.  After a late afternoon lunch, I went to the park to just spend some time walking and talking with God.  As I did so, at least two things happened.  One, I found there were tears flowing down my face which isn’t something that is usual for me.  Two, this poem showed up in my mind to remind me of the truth of God’s presence even when my heart aches for individuals who are facing so much uncertainty in their health.  I pray that these words reach those that will find encouragement through them and that God would use them in the lives of others as He has in mine.

In prayer,

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