2018: Page 76

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Another page being written the next morning as I stayed up way to late doing some minor editing of photo I took during the day. 🙂
  • After working late Friday, it felt good to sleep in a little while — though not as long as I had hoped to.
  • Routine is difficult to overcome once it is thoroughly ingrained in a person.  I get so used to waking up at 5:30 every morning that it doesn’t seem to matter what time I set my alarm clock for.
  • Even though I can go back to sleep some mornings, it rarely lasts as long as it could after that initial wake-up.
  • There are so many ways in my walk with God that I develop either good routines or not so good ones.  Either way, it take effort to step outside of them and it feels uncomfortable to do so — at least until I spend enough time that a different routine is developed.
  • Good routines will help keep us on track but they are not a guarantee that we’ll always follow them — that is still a decision we must make.
  • Anyhow, I did eventually wake up and spent some time going through the photos I had taken Friday.
  • After a quiet morning, I fired up the pellet grill to make some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch before setting off on an afternoon family adventure.
  • Our first stop was in search of a snowy owl and we found one.  As we took some photographs, a person stopped by and said the owl had been sitting in that same spot for several hours.
  • The combination of distance and lighting made getting the quality of photos we wanted rather difficult, so we set out for the next leg of our adventure.
  • I’m not sure there is a good formula for how long to wait and when to move on, but I find that dilemma is true in many areas of life — not just in photographing wildlife.
  • Our next stop was the outlet mall where we did a little shopping and two-thirds of the family found things they needed. 🙂
  • Once the shopping was done we made a couple stops by the lake but the sun was so bright that there didn’t seem to be any photos wanting to be taken.
  • We eventually made our way back to where the owl was, and sure enough it was still sitting at the same spot!  
  • The lighting had improved by now, so we took a few photos that turned out well for the distance.  
  • It wasn’t long before the owl finally decided to move — but as has often been the case, it was while we were looking away.
  • The new spot was further out in the field, so we left him in peace and continued our search to see if we could find another.
  • Our luck, or lack of it, in actually seeing an owl move from one location to another reminds me of the many stories Jesus told about our need to be ready.
  • We did find the second owl and this one was perched on a telephone pole right along the road.  We parked up the road far enough not to bother it and then took photos until someone came along and parked right underneath it with a vehicle full of children — it wasn’t long until the owl decided to find a new resting spot. 🙂
  • Today’s photo is actually going to be a couple of the ones I took while we were watching the owls.  And yes, I did finally pay attention long enough to catch one in flight. 🙂

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