2018: Page 72

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • This morning began with a double layer of work — the snow arrived after the frost had already covered my truck windows, so I had to brush the snow off and then scrape the frost off.
  • As I pulled into the driveway at work, I noticed tracks up the embankment beside the drive — as if someone had tried to stop their vehicle and slid off the road and up the hill.  Otherwise, it was a strange place to park even temporarily. 🙂
  • I suspect the same conditions that caused frost on my truck underneath the fresh snow made for some treacherous driving conditions until the salt and warmer temperatures began to do their thing.
  • My first task at work was to clear the sidewalks while I was still dressed for the outside weather.  It had been warm enough when the snow began falling that the sidewalks were wet and icy under the snow so I put down some ice melt after removing the snow.
  • Sometimes when we remove the things from our life that don’t belong, there is still some “residue” that needs taken care of before we can say the task is finished.
  • When I finished the outside work I started a cup of coffee and then began the inside cleaning and building prep for the day.
  • Even when things “look okay”, I still do the regular cleaning routine so that they don’t just look clean, they are clean.
  • It can be easy to slide into a “good enough” way of life that can allow the “dirt” to contaminate us so gradually that we don’t even notice.  God wants us to experience the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus on a continual basis — not just after things get really bad in our life.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I began the search for a photo or two to use as prints for the prize drawing at next week’s camp conference.
  • When it was finally time for the sun to come up, I noticed a good mix of clouds and clear sky so I set up my camera to do a time-lapse recording and let it run while I went back inside.
  • The sunrise was indeed incredible and was a good reminder to worship God for His creativity and beauty.
  • It seems the entire day was a combination of periods of intense snowfall and times of bright sunshine.  The birds would come out with the sun and then disappear out of sight when the snow would intensify.
  • As I went about my tasks for the day, I also worked on my current devotional book project which will be a second volume of thirteen weeks of daily devotions focused on how we ought to be serving.
  • Today’s writing was focused around different aspects of how we ought to serve with generosity.  
  • Generosity, especially from God’s perspective, is not based on what we have, and not even so much on what we give, but rather on our attitude regarding the sharing of our self.
  • By mid-afternoon my tasks that needed done had been accomplished and I had completed the writing of the devotions for all seven days of the generosity focus.  After posting the “week four” file on the prayer ministry website, I headed out for a late lunch and then headed home to relax.
  • Today’s photo is one I call “Bundled Up For the Cold”.  This female cardinal sat about one layer into the brush and seemed to keep her feathers fluffed out to get the maximum insulation benefit.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 72

  1. Some folks think that being generous is just about money. For lean times where there isn’t any money to share there is always time and talent. That’s how we ended up playing in the folk group at church and then the choir and now as money counters… it is about giving freely what you do have and not what you don’t possess! (I kind of think God prefers the more personal contributions to just tossing money in a collection plate).

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