2018: Page 70

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • With a busy weekend both in my schedule and the building, I was up early this morning to get the building cleaned and prepped for the day.
  • The “springing forward” of the daylight savings time change didn’t help any when it came to getting up and going to start the day.
  • There was a light frost on the truck, but the crisp night air meant the moon was visible in all of its beauty as I headed to work.
  • Sometimes the minor inconveniences, such as scraping frost from the windshield, are what helps to create the things we enjoy . . . such as the clarity of the night sky.  The question becomes, “which do I focus on — the inconvenience or the beauty?”
  • As I went about my cleaning tasks this morning, I prayed for those who soon have to decide if they were getting up and making their way to the church worship gathering.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I sat down and wrote yesterday’s page as I hadn’t gotten to it last night.
  • During our worship gathering, David continued his series through the book of Acts with a message from the first part of Acts 28, “God’s Survival Plan”.  Here is my take on the main points:
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff:  I enjoy walking and hiking on nature trails that range from paved paths to rugged ruts.  It is rarely the large obstacles on any of these trails that trip me up.  Rather it is often the small, almost unnoticeable, things that I find myself tripping over with little clue as to why I have stumbled.  At least one of two things happen to cause that.  One, the obstacle that caused me to stumble is so minor that it is not even noticed until after it has done its damage.  Or two, the obstacle is noticed but not taken seriously.  But there is an even bigger problem with the small stuff, and that is when we make it out to be larger than it is and we allow it to sidetrack, or even completely derail, our journey.  While each person’s view differs as to what “small stuff” looks like to them, the important thing is to keep walking life’s path with God in a way that doesn’t allow the stumbling through the small stuff make you quit your walk.
    • Let God use even the bad stuff:  I suspect you’ve already noticed that life isn’t always fair — at least not from our perspective.  Bad things happen to people no matter how good we think we are or how little we think we deserve them.  It is interesting how quick we can be to judge a person’s life based on the severity of the misfortunes they encounter, but should the same things happen to us, it all of a sudden becomes a much different story.  We live in a world of imperfect people (and we ourselves are one of them) filled with imperfect things that in combination creates some very bad situations.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with acknowledging, or even pointing out, the wrong that has been done to us but only if we are willing to point out how God has used it for His purposes and His glory.  When Joseph is reunited with his brothers who had sold him into slavery, he not only points out how God has used this very bad thing to accomplish something good, he makes sure it is clear that the intent and actions of the brothers were indeed evil.  Just because God will use even the bad stuff to accomplish something for His glory, doesn’t mean we should wink at evil actions in the lives of others or of our own.
    • Keep everything in perspective:  One of the keys to surviving both the small stuff and the bad stuff is to keep all of it in perspective with a view toward the eternal stuff!  When you consider all of the small stuff and the bad stuff that Paul encountered leading up to being shipwrecked on the island of Malta, most of us would probably understand if he had just decided to quit at any point on this journey and call his accomplishments “good enough”.  Yet whether faced with small stuff, bad stuff, or even good stuff, Paul kept pressing on to a life of faithfulness according to the calling he had in Christ Jesus.  Our survival doesn’t depend on us completing our journey on this earth alive, rather it depends on us completing it in Christ.  When it came to keeping everything in perspective, Paul could count all of his accomplishments in life as “rubbish” and all of his hardships in life as “light and momentary” because he viewed each and every circumstance through the perspective of an eternity with his Lord and Savior.
  • After lunch with my family, I spent some time relaxing before heading down to Potato Creek for a family walk.
  • A bald eagle was soaring in beautiful circles overhead as we arrived at the park, but that was the most we would see of it.
  • During our walk, I noticed a few trees that appeared to be full of buds on their upper branches . . . could spring be on the way?
  • A photo of the top of one of those trees is one of the few photos I took today, so it makes today’s page. 🙂

Could spring be on the way?

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