2018: Page 66

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Winter does not seem quite ready to let go as I woke up to another round of snow covering the ground and coming down rather steadily.
  • The early snow had melted and then froze to the truck, so the doors weren’t excited about opening and the windows and windshield required some effort to scrape them clear.
  • It had been cold long enough that today’s snow accumulated on the sidewalks, so my first task at work was to clear the snow and put down some ice melt to take care of the iced over parts of the walks.
  • With the outside ready, I turned my attention to getting the inside of the building ready for the day.
  • My morning soundtrack was courtesy of an exhibitor next to me at yesterday’s camp conference.  He was representing a ministry that used to have a children’s radio program that I loved listening to as a child.  The theme song included the following lines: “Boys and girls for Jesus! This my earnest prayer!  Boys and girls for Jesus — at home, at school, at play and everywhere!”
  • As I went about cleaning and preparing the building for a school day, it was a good song to fill my mind.
  • As the snow fell off and on throughout the morning, I made sure the sidewalks stayed clear and enjoyed a variety of birds that stopped by in the brush outside my office window.
  • I checked in with the coordinator for the prayer breakfast I will be speaking at this weekend and was excited to hear they have had a good response from people planning on attending.
  • By mid-afternoon the snow had quit falling and the sun finally broke through the clouds so the walks were finally staying clear.
  • I stopped for a late lunch on the way home and then spent some time doing some basic editing of the bird photos I took today.
  • Today’s photo is of on of the cardinals that stopped by in this morning’s snow.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 66

  1. The birds were not happy about the new wave of snow! I saw a robin all fluffed up and looking pitiful. Glad to hear that your prayer breakfast has lots of potential attendees…

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