2018: Page 64

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The air was crisp and clear as I headed out of the house this morning on my way to work.  I was surprised at how much the moon had waned in the few days since it was last visible.
  • The moon phase waxes or wanes a little each day whether it is visible to us or not.  It has been said life is a lot like that — we are either growing a little each day or we’re dying a little, there is no standing still.
  • As I went about my early morning tasks at work, I set up a camera to time-lapse record the sunrise. 
  • By the time the building was ready for the day, the sun was up and my recording of it was beautiful.  My camera takes a photo frame every 10 seconds which allows for 50 minutes of the sunrise to be compressed into a 10 second video.
  • As I settled in with God to work on the prayer guide for next week it seemed to take longer than usual to set aside the distractions from my mind.
  • Listening usually takes work, and listening to God is no exception to that.
  • For me, listening to God is all about knowing Him more fully in order to understand the application of scripture in my life.  He’s already revealed Himself in scripture, but His Spirit has been given to us to help guide us into a greater fullness of the truth that has already been given.
  • Once I was able to clear my mind and put aside the distractions, I settled on the topic of above all.  It was fun to look at various scriptures that instruct us to do various things “above all”.
  • As I worked on the prayer guide and took care of some maintenance issues, the trees outside my window were kept busy with an assortment of birds and the occasional squirrel and chipmunk.
  • By mid-afternoon, the prayer guide was written and I spent some time packing the prayer-based devotional resources that I will take with me for a prayer ministry display tomorrow.
  • With a late lunch on my way home, I called it a day and spent the evening relaxing at home.
  • Today’s photo is of a little guy that was moving in to a hole dug in a tree by a woodpecker . . . I guess he decided the plastic bag would make some great bedding material. 🙂



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