2018: Page 59

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • My morning song was one whose words are true all the time but seem most meaningful in times of weariness . . . “I need Thee!  O, I need Thee!  Every hour I need Thee!  O, bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee.”
  • I suppose it is because when things are going well I know I need God, but when life is a struggle the need moves from an intellectual knowledge to an urgent necessity.
  • I suspect that most of us have voices from our past that encourage us and voices that continue to put us down.  For me, it seems that whenever God increases the opportunities I have to share about the prayer ministry, the enemy hits me hard with doubt fueled by negative voices from my past.
  • I find that if I acknowledge what they are, I am better equipped to turn them back over to God to deal with.
  • These times also serve as reminders to guard my words because of the damage they could do to others.  My worst battles are with words spoken by preachers and leaders that spoke criticism into my life in ways that were not helpful but carried weight because of their positions.
  • As I prayed, cleaned, and sang, God gave me a peace that comes from His strength within me.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, my morning was a mix of maintenance details, sermon prep, and work on what I’ll share at an upcoming prayer breakfast I’ve been invited to speak at.
  • I had my daughter with me for the afternoon so I tried to get work things taken care of for a more normal lunch time but it still ended up being mid-afternoon until we left work and headed to lunch.
  • After lunch we headed to Potato Creek to walk and look for the bald eagles.  We had a good walk and found the two adult eagles so we sat and watched them for a while.
  • Before leaving the park, we drove around the lake to see what I could find to photograph.  Today’s photo is from that drive as the lake was completely smooth and did a great job reflecting the tree line and old barn on the opposite shore.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 59

  1. I read this and the memory of the 2nd graders singing “I’ve got the peace that passes understanding down in my heart…” made me chuckle. There was such a mist from all the missing front teeth that the first couple of pews needed umbrellas! But it is true – there is a peace that is beyond comprehension when you turn the troubles over to God… I envy you the ability to have your daughter with you at work. Sounds like a lovely afternoon!!

    • Ahhh, yes. Children can be fun to watch and listen to . . . from a safe distance away. 😀 I am very thankful for a work environment that understands the needs of my family and is willing to accommodate those needs.

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