2018: Page 57

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Today was our monthly pest control service at work, so I was up early to make sure our pests were under control. 🙂
  • I did my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep routine with the words of several Rich Mullins songs playing in my head.  Rich had a way of using music to capture the struggle that exists between struggle of living life and wanting to be home.
  • As I prepared to settle in with God to prepare the next prayer guide, I decided my office felt colder than usual.  As it turns out, that’s because it was.  The boiler for that end of the building wasn’t working.
  • Fortunately, the sun was working its way up over the horizon and the outside temp was rising so it wasn’t too bad inside.
  • Sometimes when things don’t feel quite right, even within our spirit, it is far too easy to dismiss that feeling when perhaps we need to figure out what it wrong.
  • As I reached the end of the troubleshooting I can do and prepared to call the service tech, I had a detour to see if I could help address some computer issues the school was having.
  • With the computer issues taken care of, at least for the moment, and the service tech called for the boiler, I finally settled in to work on the prayer guide for next week.
  • I eventually settled on the word “Called” with a focus both on what God calls us and what He has called us to.
  • The subject had me reminiscing about elementary school days when it was a big thing to hear your name called by a “team captain” in the choosing of sides for just about any game that was to be played.
  • Knowing that God has called me to Himself is an even greater thing.
  • Today was one of those days when it felt difficult to find the intersecting points of the expectations that I, others, and God have for me.
  • I find that when I put my primary focus on the work God has for me to do, I don’t get distracted nearly as much by the expectations of myself or others.
  • It was a long day, but the boiler was working again and the prayer guide was written before I left work.
  • Even though it was 5 PM when I left work and I hadn’t had lunch yet, I stopped at home to pick up my family and we made a quick trip to Potato Creek.
  • We found one of the bald eagles right away and then drove around the lake to get some sunset photos while we were there.
  • Today’s photo is one of the last one’s I took tonight as the sunset afterglow reflected across the lake.


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