2018: Page 50

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Another long day mixed with work and fun so the page gets written the next morning. 🙂
  • President’s Day was a make-up day for the school, so my extended weekend plans had to be revised so I could get the building cleaned and ready for the day.
  • Being able to revise plans based on what is actually needed is a very useful trait to learn, even if it’s not always easy.
  • As I headed into work, I was still thinking about the sunrise and sunset I had photographed on Sunday and the song we sang which said, “Open up the heavens! We want to see you!”
  • By the time I took the first collection of trash out, God had indeed “opened up the heavens” . . . only today it was rain pouring forth rather than glorious sunrise.
  • If we’re asking God to “open up the heavens”, we need to be ready to accept what He sends.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I settled into my Monday morning routine with God to figure out the next prayer guide.
  • Sometimes people are hesitant to develop routines with God because we think they will become too routine — empty routines that have no meaning.  While that is possible, if we keep God as the focus the routines can actually become quite full rather than empty.
  • The topic we settled on was salvation.  Once again, a topic that was difficult to believe I hadn’t written a prayer guide on it already.  I suspect that God has a purpose not only for the prayer guides themselves, but even for the specific topics He leads me to choose.
  • As I spent the morning writing, the reminders of a salvation that has come from God were encouraging.
  • After the prayer guide was written, I wrapped up the remaining tasks that needed to be done before heading out on a President’s Day family adventure.
  • Our original destination was too far for part of a day, so we headed north to Grand Haven, Michigan to photograph lighthouses in yet another season — this one the rainy, foggy season. 🙂
  • From Grand Haven, we worked our way back south along the Lake Michigan shoreline with stops in Holland, South Haven, and St Joseph for lighthouse photos before our final stop in Niles for dinner.
  • Even in the haziness of the fog and rain, there was beauty to be found, photographed, and shared.
  • Beauty isn’t always easy to see, but it is usually present if we look for it.
  • Today’s photo was taken at our final lighthouse stop in St Joseph, Michigan.  The fog created a natural filter that softened the backgrounds and, at least to me, added to the beauty.


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