2018: Page 34

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The written part of today’s page will likely be rather short even though the living part of it has been a long one.
  • Sometimes circumstances happen which consume more time, energy, and focus than it would visibly appear that they should.
  • After a long and productive Friday, today began sometime around 3 AM as I sat up with Susan through a seizure she was having.
  • After we all got back to sleep, there was a repeat episode around 8 AM which got us all up and then a lengthier episode after lunch.
  • In between all that, I wrote yesterday’s page and went through the photos I took yesterday.
  • Other than that, it has been a rather lazy laid back day filled with rest and sermon refining.
  • With fewer things to write about, or a mind too tired to let them come out, I’ll add a few extra photos from yesterday and let them contribute a few “thousand words”.

One thought on “2018: Page 34

  1. My friend that lives in Baroda has posted similar photos. The lighthouse covered in ice is fascinating. Conveys the power of the lake more clearly than any words… Hope Susan is resting and has more energy. I know seizure activity can be physically and emotionally exhausting for everyone…

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