2018: Page 28

Here are some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • It was an early start to the day as I headed to work to finish up cleaning and building prep for the day.  I still think getting up early was a better plan for me than staying up late last night.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I cleaned myself up and headed to Dowagiac, Michigan where I had the privilege of preaching this morning.
  • My sermon was focused around how we can delight ourselves in the Lord.  Here are the main points of my message:
    • Discover Yourself in the Lord:  While many people spend a considerable amount of time trying to “find themselves”, we must find our self in the Lord if we truly want to live with delight.  When we seek to “find what pleases the Lord”, we find that doing those things bring us great delight.
    • Encourage Yourself in the Lord:  As one who regularly bounces up and down between being encouraged and discouraged, I can attest to the fact the where we find our encouragement has a lot to do with how long it lasts.  When we look to the Lord for our source of encouragement, we find delight even in circumstances that would not be encouraging without God’s presence with us.
    • Love Yourself in the Lord:  In a culture that defines love in so many different ways that it becomes difficult to know what true love really is, we can find delight in knowing that God is love.  When we learn to love who God has made us to be, we discover that we can love others more fully and find delight in God’s love for us and in the love He has placed in us.
    • Inspect Yourself in the Lord:  Inspection is a necessary part of life if we want any level of confidence in the things around us.  We inspect bridges, roadways, food, buildings, and so many other things in order to make sure they meet certain standards for our safety and protection.  As we draw into the presence of God, we find delight as we inspect our life so that we would allow nothing to remain that would hinder an appropriate relationship with God.
    • Guard Yourself in the Lord: When we find delight in the Lord, it isn’t long before the enemy tries to steal our joy from us.  The good news is that God has given us all the armor necessary to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Guarding our self in the Lord should bring us great delight as we realize that nothing can separate us from the love of God that we have in Christ.
    • Heal Yourself in the Lord:  Somehow I left the “H” out of my outline this morning but when that was pointed out, this is the word I would have used in this place.  The healing we find in the Lord ought to be cause for great joy and delight.  As Jesus went about teaching and doing good, He would often heal people and tell them that it was their faith that healed them.  While physical healing is nice, it is the spiritual healing we receive from the Lord that ought to bring us the greatest delight.
    • Teach Yourself in the Lord:  While God surrounds us with faithful witness that we ought to learn from, He has also given us His Word and His Spirit so that the lack of a teacher is no excuse.  Whether we are learning from a person, God’s Spirit, or His Word, we ought to find delight in being teachable.  God has created us to be curious learners and when we seek to find delight in the Lord, we will find ourselves being taught in the things of the Lord.
  • After the church gathering, I dropped my family off at home and headed to a missions committee meeting.  It was good to gather and discuss the missions outreach of the local church I attend.
  • The late afternoon found me home and relaxing after a full day.
  • Part of my relaxing was going through another day’s worth of photos from the camp leaders conference.
  • Today’s photo is one that brings me great delight as it comes from a hike I took to a waterfall before setting up the prayer ministry display at the conference last week.