2018: Page 16

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • With yesterday’s snow to take care of, today began very early under a partly cloudy sky with a scattering of stars shining brightly through the crisp, cold air.
  • It is difficult to dress appropriately for outside work.  Too many layers and too much activity results in too much warmth . . . not enough layers and not enough activity results in uncomfortable coldness.  I’ve learned to make adjustments in layers and/or activity as I go.
  • Life is a lot like that.  A lot of factors we have no control over, but there are things we can usually adjust as we go in order to be more effective.
  • If we don’t make adjustments that continually align us with God, we will find ourselves in the extremes of life more often than not.
  • While a day often doesn’t sound like much time when it comes to time off work, it is amazing what can be done with that time if you want make the most of it.
  • Our little Starved Rock excursion over Martin Luther King, Jr day was 31 hours from the time we left home to the time we were back home.  The photos we brought back tell a wonderful story of family time in the midst of God’s beautiful creation.
  • I’m pretty sure God loves it when we are able to draw away from the regular distractions of life to spend extended time with Him, but I’m also confident He longs for us to make the most of the moments we have to revel in His presence.
  • Once the building was ready for the day (inside and out), I spent the morning with God working on the next prayer guide.  We ended up with the topic of “precious things”.
  • The Bible talks about a variety of things which are precious . . . we would do well to make those things precious to us as well.
  • There were a lot of tasks mixed in with my prayer guide writing today but God kept them from becoming distractions as I went back and forth between projects.
  • I can’t always control the things which may distract me, but I can usually decide how distracting I allow them to become.
  • I suppose it was too cold, but I had no wildlife visitors show up at my office window today and didn’t get anywhere to take any new photos.
  • Today’s photo is one from yesterday as I found several waterfalls after misunderstanding which stairs my wife meant when she said, “look the other way at the bottom of the stairs.”  This one was the tallest of the waterfalls and only partially frozen.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 16

  1. Wonderful photo! I know well the problem with distractions. The weather has been a challenge – I discovered that my car window was frozen making it very difficult to use my parking swipe card. I finally got it unfrozen on my way home. Here’s to the hope that it will open tomorrow at the gate!!!

    • Thanks! For me, sometimes the hardest part about distractions is figuring out which are really distractions and which are really directing me to what God wants me doing while my own plans are the real distraction. 🙂 But, yeah, the winter weather can be beautiful but it can also be very challenging.

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