2018: Page 14

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I woke up early to find Susan had wandered upstairs after having a seizure. It was too early to head to work, so once she was resettled I went back to sleep.
  • There was a sliver of the moon visible as I headed into clear the walks to start my day. It was a beautiful sight and the “unlit” portion was also visible in a shadowy kind of way.
  • Somehow I had sent this week’s prayer guide to the office with last week’s prayer points so I had to print new copies this morning and put them in the bulletins after taking the incorrect ones out.
  • In our church gathering this morning David shared a message from the series he is preaching from the book of Acts. Today’s topic was about not giving up because God is with us.
  • God’s presence gives us His provision.
  • God’s presence gives us His protection.
  • God’s presence gives us everything.
  • As I prepared to spend time with my family today, I thought about all the years I squeezed every last cent out of each dime we had because it always seemed like money was in short supply.
  • I’m not sure which happened first but it seems like the more I have opened my hands, the more that I have found in them.
  • We headed out today in search of eagles and a visit to Starved Rock State Park allowed us to find quite a few of them.
  • Today’s photo is a collection of three photos I took of the bald eagles. They are sure beautiful and majestic to watch.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 14

    • As with everything, there is a balance. I believe a good steward learns to be generous without being wasteful . . . but even that is subject to interpretation, I suppose. 🙂 Susan was okay, the up and down weather patterns we have been having typically increases the frequency of her seizures but most of them are relatively minor.

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