2018: Page 8

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day: 

  • My mind and/or body seems to anticipate the alarm going off in the mornings but I could get more rest if I was able to go back to sleep during the half hour between my waking up and the alarm going off.
  • Layers seemed to be the early morning theme — my truck windows had a layer of ice on top of a layer of snow on top of a layer of ice that all needed removed before I could go anywhere.
  • The wet snow and drizzle combination made me appreciate my clothing layers as I began the workday clearing walks.
  • Removing an inch of wet snow seems to be as much work as clearing six inches of dry powdery snow.
  • Keeping floors clean is virtually impossible this time of year so I settle for safety in my use of ice melt outside . . . which ends up inside. 🙂
  • With the current prayer guide focused on “Seek”, it seemed fitting to write on today with the topic of “Find”.
  • While I like to have uninterrupted blocks of time with God when I write the weekly prayer guides, that doesn’t always happen.
  • It is always interesting to see how many layers of interruptions being interrupted that I can manage at once. 🙂
  • One of the interruptions was a flooded bathroom.  I tried to tell the preschoolers it was preparing them for a lesson about Noah . . . I don’t think they were amused.
  • I suppose interruptions are only interruptions because we make plans that we think are more important than anything else that happens.
  • Even with the variety of tasks that I was unaware God had planned for my day, I managed to get next week’s prayer guide written and scheduled to be published and sent out next Sunday.
  • By early afternoon the warmer temperature had brought out a wide variety of birds to resume their berry harvest.
  • Today’s photo is one that I think could make a challenging jigsaw puzzle . . . or an intricate painting for someone so gifted.
  • The melting snow will likely freeze tonight, so I’ll need to remember to use caution on my drive to work tomorrow.  It’s probably a good idea to use caution all the time.  🙂


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