2018: Page 1

I think I may stick primarily with the thoughts and lessons from each day this year.  Or maybe this format is just for today because I’m still tired. 🙂

Some reflections and/or lessons from the day:

  • I can still keep going for 20 hours straight when needed, but rest has never been more welcomed than after a long day.
  • When I’m doing what God has called and created me to do, the days don’t seem nearly as long as the hours make them sound.
  • A new year is probably more symbolic than anything else, but sometimes we need the symbolism to motivate us to make the fresh start that is needed.
  • Spending the first half hour of the new year praying with others is a pretty good way to start the year.
  • A high temperature for the day that doesn’t reach double-digits is not very effective in enticing me to leave the house.
  • Spending a cold winter day going through photos from last summer is a good way to kindle a flame under the vacation planning region of my mind. 🙂
  • Sometimes we hold onto things that are not very useful because it seems easier than replacing them with something new which often requires us to learn a new way of doing things.
  • Today’s photo from last summer is a reminder that vacations are both relaxing and necessary.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 1

  1. Vacations used to be an event that families did together to create shared memories. Now days people go off without the kids to “get away”. I rather like the old way of doing things!

    • I grew up with the “old way” of vacations being about family memories and that continues to be my approach to it. I always love it when I see people who are able to plan multi-generational family vacations.

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